Orders created in PrintJob can be automatically created as invoices in your Xero accounting software.

Here is how to set it up.


Then activate Xero and click Setup.

There are three pages of setup.

On the first page follow the instructions. You will be asked to open a link to Xero and the link will take you to a page like this. (if you need to verify your email with Xero then do so and re-click the link on the PrintJob page)


Click the ‘New App’

You will see a popup like this in Xero.



Fill out the form and click create app.

You will then see the following page in Xero, copy and paste the keys into PrintJob


Then you are ready to move to the next page on PrintJob. Select what kind of invoice you want created and all the relevant accounts you wish to setup. Then on the last page you marry up the companies in Xero with those in PrintJob. After this all new orders will be created into invoices automatically.

Coming soon. All new companies created in PrintJob will be created automatically in Xero.


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