Its very hard to make really powerful software easy to use. What follows is an explanation of

How to limit the user experience by using departments.

Its necessary here because using the departments to do this isn’t all that clear, and its not all that clear how to make it clear!

Note: We called them departments, but lots of different clients, in the USA, in Europe, and elsewhere, all call them different things, such as franchise location, offices, depots, divisions, sales reps, etc.

Once you create a department and you put someone in that department, their user experience is immediately changed, unless you then a) add some Product Categories to that department and b) add some Addresses.



However, you need to remember 2 rules:

  1. if a user isn’t in a department, they will be able to see all categories.
  2. if a product isn’t in a category, it will be always visible to all users.



Note also that Department Managers can see more than normal users, and can see the orders of users in departments in which they are listed as manager.

(Create a Department Manager by simply listing a user as a Manager for a Department – ie: click on the Managers button on the Departments screen.)

Lastly, Senior Managers can see everything.



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