For the purposes of clarity, an Order is a basket checkout, by a user, which can comprise of 2+ Jobs.

The Job View page shows both the Order and the Job. In fact it shows all the jobs. It’s divided into three parts.

The far left shows the Order, and the information common to all the jobs in the order, such as who ordered it, for who, when etc, and the price and shipping address. There is also a list of the jobs, which will act like TABS, opening the job data on the middle and right sections. Finally, you can change the status of the jobs on the left hand side.

The middle bit – is where the main action is – where you can see the product id, specification, QTY and other parameters, artwork and attachments etc.

The right hand side is the timeline and messageboard. Each of these is UNIQUE for each job in the system. You can add comments and files and ask Suppliers for quotes in this section.

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