Hiding crop marks, bleed etc using a Trim Box

The PJ system is set to respond to ‘Trim Boxes’

Or, more accurately, clients will only see previews of the trim box area and if no trim box then the crop box. If neither have been set then the Media box.


To set the trim box go into Acrobat Pro and choose Tools>Print Production>Set Page Boxes



Heres a video which shows the process


Server security, upgrade and backups explained

We have upgraded and/or implemented the following:

-fail2ban – against brute force attacks
-iptables – firewalls only allowing access via single access ports
-Ddos – protecting against denial of service (DOS) attacks
-Rkhunter/maldet – runs 24/7 and scans daily looking for rootkits & malware
-Monit – monitors CPU/RAM usage, disk space, SSH, Apache, Postfix, Mysql, Cron, Syslog, NSD, fixing anything automatically if it can or forcing a restart of components like apache as well as sending out alerts.

We have also doubled the RAM (now 8GB) and the CPUs (now 4 Core) on all systems. This will make PJ tables (like the order manager), previews and other functions work at lightening speeds. Plus there is scope for further upgrades in the future.

I hope all this made sense! If it didn’t, rest assured we have it well taken care of. Your data and systems are safe. Incidentally, we also run daily backups, keeping yesterdays, the last 2-14 days and 30 days ago.

Format Control (Regular Expressions Guide – REGEX)

How do I use format controls? I want to make sure people write the telephone number correctly.


Image 096


The PJ system uses Regular Expressions for format control rules. To find them in your system click here.


The PJ System offers some starter regexps, but you can create more, by creating a format. To find or build regexps click on one of the following links:

General info
Testing site
Advise forum


Video: Using Format Control


Here are some examples:


Allows any of the following:

+1 333 333 3333
+44 333.333.3333
44 333-333-3333
+345 (333) 333.3333
(333) 333.3333



Allows any of the following:

333 333 3333
(333) 333.3333



Allows any of the following:

+123 (0) 1234 567890
+11 (0) 1234 567890
+1 (0) 1234 567890



Allows only the following:

+44 (0) 1234 567890



Forces user to write 2 numbers and only 2:


Incidentally, the ^ (Shift 6) means that the string must start here and $ means it must stop here.


For more help please email support@printjob.com

Single Sign On/Remote Logins

Single Sign On/Remote Login aka “punch out”, is a feature which allows you to have users arrive into the PJ system, from another system, without logging in.

To set it up go to the ‘remote logins’ menu item

Image 108


Once, there press “Create New”. Put in any host or domain and choose an account within your system, into which imported users will be placed. You can put any domain in at this point, simply to get to the next bit which will explain how it works.

A unique key has been created, and more instructions are given on the ‘info’ icon shown. Any questions please let us know at support@printjob.com

Reports – exporting data to .csv

In the Order Manager, export as .csv works like this;


  • Select the jobs you wish and click export

Export to .csv


  • Select none and export. It will download everything in the tab that is active, including the stuff that might be on page 2,3,4 etc



  • Create a search filter and then download using either of the two options above.

Remember that compiling a large .csv file can take time (ie 10,000 orders)

Quote Quantities and Run On

How does the “Run On” field work?


Firstly, this field is found on Clients > Create Request for Quote (RFQ). Its not a field that admin can edit or remove, in the same way as the other fields on these forms. Here’s how it works:


1. Client chooses their required quantity and sees the ‘Run on’ field autofilled

2. Admin/Supplier (whoever makes the quote) puts in a price for the required quantity, and then an additional price for the run on.

3. Client sees price and uses a slider to amplify the qty/price. this way, they can see the price calculated for a whole number of quantities



Client wants 100 brochures and suggests a run on of 20

Supplier quotes $400 for 100 and $30 for each ‘run on’ of 20

Client can then see a price for 100, 120, 140, 160, 180 etc




The price for 180 would be $520


If admin or the supplier needs to be able to quote for a distinct quantity, they can always create multiple quotes.

Rules that govern the Price Matrix

The following occurs after you have entered prices initially in the price matrix page.

  • If you leave a price cell empty the client will not be able to order that configuration.
  • If you change/replace any quantity or parameter value the original price will hold to the new value.
  • If you add a new value to an existing quantity or parameter the new value will have a blank price.
  • If you delete any quantity or parameter value then it will just be removed
  • If you add a new parameter then all the prices will be copied across to include the new parameter.
  • If you delete a whole parameter then the software has no idea what the reduced configuration will be so everything will be set to zero.
  • You cannot change a quantity value into another one that already exists. Delete first the one you want to replace.


Uploading fonts

Upload fonts at admin settings > fonts

From a Mac
You can upload a dmac format – it will be converted to OTF and will work. Zipped folders and other formats are not permissible.

From a PC

If you have a problem with a font, we might be able to provide a working version. Please email support@printjob.com

Explanation of the Stock Options page

Below are the various elements to Stock Management System.

Quantity on Hand =  This is the all important Quantity (QTY). This is also known as QTY on hand or True QTY, or “Amount on shelf”. Admin can adjust this figure at any time. 

Quantity Allocated = This is the QTY currently on order that has not been completed / cancelled or deleted.

Replenishment Quantity = This is the Qty of replenishment stock that is currently on order. Only Client Senior Managers can order replenishment stock. When these orders are completed the ‘Quantity on Hand’ will reflect the correct Qty

Available Quantity includes uncompleted replenishment orders = When ticked Quantity Available will add any replenishment stock on order.

Allow Back Orders = Ticking this will allow clients to order stock products when there is in sufficient stock available. Otherwise the client will not be allowed to order stock that is greater than the Quantity Available shown to them.

Stock History = Every type of stock movement is recorded allowing you to see exactly who did what and when.

Why PDF preview in Firefox browser shows distorted characters

Firefox issue:

Starting in Firefox 19, PDF files will display by default in a built-in viewer. This viewer does not yet support all of the features of the Adobe viewer, and may also have some bugs. Other than changing viewers, as described in the following article, I’m not sure what to suggest.

Source : https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/977657