We are often asked why we use Stripe as a payment solution. Here is why.

Stripe, a San Francisco based company, has a first rate API platform that is very well documented. It’s easy to implement and maintain.

It provides PrintJob with a subscription based payment solution as well as a way to allow clients to collect payments from their clients.

Setting up a Stripe account is an easy 3 minute job, its free. and its available in most countries. It allows users to make payments without having to leave the PrintJob system or login elsewhere.


In the USA, Stripe charges 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction for all transactions, so long as the total doesn’t exceed $1 million in volume per annum.

There are no service charges or additional charges to use American Express that other companies like Paypal do.

Stripe Costs:
USA – https://stripe.com/US/pricing
UK – https://stripe.com/UK/pricing
Australia – https://stripe.com/AU/pricing
For other countries please click around the stripe website

We intend to add more payment gateways at the earliest opportunity, such as Sagepay, PayGate, Paypal and more.



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