We have upgraded and/or implemented the following:

-fail2ban – against brute force attacks
-iptables – firewalls only allowing access via single access ports
-Ddos – protecting against denial of service (DOS) attacks
-Rkhunter/maldet – runs 24/7 and scans daily looking for rootkits & malware
-Monit – monitors CPU/RAM usage, disk space, SSH, Apache, Postfix, Mysql, Cron, Syslog, NSD, fixing anything automatically if it can or forcing a restart of components like apache as well as sending out alerts.

We have also doubled the RAM (now 8GB) and the CPUs (now 4 Core) on all systems. This will make PJ tables (like the order manager), previews and other functions work at lightening speeds. Plus there is scope for further upgrades in the future.

I hope all this made sense! If it didn’t, rest assured we have it well taken care of. Your data and systems are safe. Incidentally, we also run daily backups, keeping yesterdays, the last 2-14 days and 30 days ago.

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