Whats a Supplier?

A Supplier is a person or company who might produce or manufacture and send what you are selling to your clients.

Adding Suppliers

Add a Supplier in System Settings > Suppliers.

What can you do with Suppliers?

a) List orders/jobs as being supplied by Suppliers
b) Add a Supplier Price (Cost Price) on the orders/jobs
c) Send the orders/jobs to the Supplier via email and let them login to the PJ System
d) Allow Suppliers to see job specs and download artwork and mark jobs as completed.
e) Invite Suppliers to give Estimates for Jobs and compete in an Auction Process

You can pre-assign Orders to Suppliers by listing those Suppliers against Products in the system. Do that in Admin > Edit Product.

If you want to review the orders before sending the jobs to the supplier, then uncheck the “Autosend”option in Admin > Edit Product.

Active and Inactive

NOTE: Suppliers can be active and inactive. All Suppliers are ‘Inactive‘ until they have been formally asked to Register a password and login. To make a Supplier ‘Active‘ simply hit the Invite button in  System Settings > Suppliers.

Active Supplier will receive emails, and will be able to login to see jobs and tender for jobs by entering Estimates (when invited to)

Inactive Suppliers will not receive emails, or be able to login.

Why then Inactive Suppliers?
You might want to document the Supplier against jobs, without inviting the Supplier to login. This can be for a number of reasons. For example, when you are adding Estimates for Quotes, you may have sourced those Estimates from Suppliers over the phone.

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