Want to be 100% sure your emails are being delivered?

You can now choose to have all the system emails sent via a 3rd party. This could either be your own email provider, your company email server or a 3rd party Transaction email provider like Mailchimp, SparkPost or SendGrid

Setting this up is easy in PrintJob. All you need to do is enter the following details provided by your mail providers.

There are some things to remember. If you use a 3rd Party you will need to authenticate the domain of the email you wish to use as a sender. This email will then need to be added in PrintJob.

Some of these 3rd party providers share their users on the same IP address and any SPAM can result in the IP being blacklisted which means some emails will not go through. So you should consider asking for a unique IP address to make sure no one can use the IP to send their SPAM

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