If Jose Maria Gonzalez de la Casa de Santo Domingo de las Cruzes is editing his business card there’s a good chance that his name is going to stretch off the canvas, and make the design look terrible. And possibly require some action.

You can specify that a text field on an editable product has a maximum length of say, 50mm and then ‘Resize’ any text that exceeds the given dimensions automatically.

Resizing text
If you tell it to, via the admin>edit product>edit template>edit object pop up, the PJ System will condense the text horizontally, in order to fit the given width. If it has to condense it more than 75%, it will then reduce the font size until the text fits into the area.
In the example above, you can see that the text is being horizontally squeezed in the second line down. The letters are the same height as the untouched text above, but they are thinner, and the space between the letters is proportionally reduced. It’s not until the fourth line down that the actual font size changes. You can check this by examining this PDF.

We going to issue an alert in the form of some red text on the left hand side, when this function comes into play. That will allow the user (and approver, manager and admin) to see that somehting has been changed on the template and it might need checking.


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