A Stock Product has an all important Quantity (QTY). This is also known as QTY on hand or True QTY, or “Amount on shelf”. There is another figure which we call ‘Available QTY’. The Available QTY is what the PJ System shows the client.  This number is the True QTY minus the QTY currently on order (jobs that are either in Approval, or with Admin, but not yet Completed, and therefore not yet ‘off the shelf’). The reason we have this value, is so that two users cannot requisition the same Stock – if there was 100 widgets left on the shelf, and two people order 100 each who gets it? In the PJ System, the second person wouldn’t actually be able to order it.

The client can order any QTY that you setup in the Pricing Parameters page. However if the Available QTY is low, the user cannot order (unless you enable ‘Backorders’ which allows unrestricted ordering).

At any point the system can be set to send out ‘low stock’ alert emails.

You then have two choices. Either Admin can add more QTY directly, by editing the product (on the Stock Tab), or a Client Manager can make a replenishment order. To set this up, you will need to add some replenishment QTYs on the Admin> Edit Product> Stock Tab  (bottom right).


Apart from Admin, only Managers can replenish stock. To do this, they must click on the ‘Replenish Stock’ button while they are logged in.

Once a replenishment order is made, the Stock QTY value, and therefore the Available QTY will increase either:

  • When the replenishment order is made (if the setting called 
  • When Admin marks the Replenishment job as complete.
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