How does the “Run On” field work?


Firstly, this field is found on Clients > Create Request for Quote (RFQ). Its not a field that admin can edit or remove, in the same way as the other fields on these forms. Here’s how it works:


1. Client chooses their required quantity and sees the ‘Run on’ field autofilled

2. Admin/Supplier (whoever makes the quote) puts in a price for the required quantity, and then an additional price for the run on.

3. Client sees price and uses a slider to amplify the qty/price. this way, they can see the price calculated for a whole number of quantities



Client wants 100 brochures and suggests a run on of 20

Supplier quotes $400 for 100 and $30 for each ‘run on’ of 20

Client can then see a price for 100, 120, 140, 160, 180 etc




The price for 180 would be $520


If admin or the supplier needs to be able to quote for a distinct quantity, they can always create multiple quotes.

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