In Editable Products, Admin can now add QR Code Objects. Obviously if you have a static QR code, you could always add it as a picture object, but with the QR code feature, you can create dynamic content QR codes. There are 3 types of data you can add to your QR code

1. Dynamic – You can add any text you like as well as link data from the database. If you want to create vCard based on content from the database, you can do it here. You’ll need to find the correct syntax to place. Heres a handy tool. For example a QR code to send an ‘call me SMS’ looks like this: smsto:07710544345:Please contact me.

2. vCard – The QR code can be a vCard based on the field content filled in by users, for example of a business card. This way, when the recipient of a business card scans the code, the full contact details can be transmitted directly into the ‘Contacts’.

3. Content based on particular field – A simple Telephone, Website or Email QR code based on field content filled in by users.


Advanced Options

You normally wont need to mess with the advanced options because you can simply determine the size you want. However, if you want lots of data in the code, you may need to tweak the advanced settings. Here is an overview:

Dot size – this relates to the size of a single black box. The larger you make this box the larger your qr code will be. Dot size is defined by pixels.


Correction Level – Error correction can ensure that a QR Code remains readable when as much as 30% of the code is corrupted or obscured. In this example, red ink covers a chunk of the QR Code but the QR Code can still be read successfully.

You can select from 4 different levels of error correction:

  1. Low – up to 7% damage
  2. Medium- up to 15% damage
  3. Quaternail – up to 25% damage
  4. High- up to 30% damage

Adding Error Correction makes the QR code larger and more dense.

Margin WidthSet how much white space you want to surround your qr code. Size is defined by pixels


Code Version  – QR codes come in a range from version 1 – 40.
Each version has a different “Module configuration”. This refers to the number of modules contained in a symbol, from Version 1 (21 × 21 modules) up to Version 40 (177 × 177 modules). Each higher version number comprises 4 additional modules per side. The bigger the QR Code, the more data it can hold.


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