Once you are logged in as an Admin User, the PJ4 system will let you log in as anyone else (except other admins). This includes Suppliers and all Client Users (except guest (offline) approvers). While logged in as any of these users, Admin can do anything that that user can do.

The purpose of allowing Admin to do this is to allow them to provide support to their user base, and to intervene when necessary. All actions undertaken by Admin on behalf of Client users will look as if they were done by the users themselves, though a record of Admin activity is indeed kept (in a system log file), for the purposes of security and later debugging.

At no time is Admin able to discover any users password. The “login as this user” buttons are coded in a way which does not carry the password, or reveal it in any way.

Logging in as a user, will open a new browser tab. Once finished with that tab – it can be closed and the Admin user can return to their Admin Session without having to login again. Admin can also toggle between multiple tabs, each with a different login session, without losing any session data and having to login at any time.

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