There are various options for integrating the Storefront into your website.

The settings for the storefront are in the System Settings > Storefront Settings>


Simple Link
This is the easiest and can be done in a number of ways. The link for your system is listed on the settings page (You can implement your own domain name by following the instructions on that page). Place the link somewhere in your website and set it to either opens in the current tab or in a new tab, leaving your website open in the background. Heres an example of a link:

Embedding the Login Panel
Here are two examples of embedding the login panel, or login ‘objects’ into your website. In both examples you can use the code which is given on the settings page.

The option to make your system a ‘Public Storefront’ effectively means that clients won’t have to register or login to see products and create quote requests. The extent to which this experience can be seamless with your website is limited by the design of your website. Future features of the PrintJob system will introduce more customisation.

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