B2C Storefronts

Plugins for your website, or a standalone storefront for your business

End User System Features

Simple, efficient and beautiful

  • Simple fast ordering
  • Saved designs feature
  • Save your own image assets
  • Load employee details from search/dropdown
  • Online payment
  • Invite users to sign up
  • Instant quotes
  • Request for Quotes

Customising each system

Your brand is pretty important to you. Make it ‘Powered by you’.

  • Choose from our themes or create your own
  • Upload your logos, for headers, footers, emails, login panels etc
  • Embed the system in your website
  • Use your SSL enabled domain names
  • Edit the System Emails


Product Setup

Really easy, choose between Regular, Editable, Instant Quote, & Stock Products

  • New products can be added in seconds
  • Powerful pricing mechanism
  • Add images, PDFs, print specs


Each job and quote has its own messaging board, so you can stay in touch with everyone involved. Ask for corrections on the job or upload replacement artwork or get quotes from other suppliers.

  • All communication is recorded forever
  • Instant Messaging
  • Send Alerts
  • Invite Suppliers to Quote for the job, or quote yourself
  • Messages are Emailed if not seen
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