PrintJob Admin System

Powerful enough to use even without the front end webstore


KPIs are all the rage these days, and the PJ system has an excellent one. See your Key Performance Indicators at a glance – showing you who is doing what, what they are buying, what your costs are etc

Clean and simple Settings pages

We’ve got one overriding goal – to keep things simple. Clients ask us for a great many intricate developments, and our challenge is to implement them in an elegant and easy to use way. Not always straightforward.

  • Clean design
  • Difficult concepts such as profile fields, made easy
  • If you are confused, we have failed!

You control everything thats important

Even down to the system emails. You can change every last detail.

  • Email headers, footers, content, trigger messages
  • Workflow, who gets what & when

Managing Orders

Powerful Order Manager

  • See all orders at once
  • Filter by statuses, client, jobtype
  • Create statuses and tabs

Admin System

You can play in ‘God’ mode. Control everything through your Admin System, edit the storefront, custom accounts, import users etc

  • Simple to use
  • Easy Navigation
  • Import/Export tools
  • Login as clients
  • Setup Domain names etc
  • See Video

Timeline History for each Order and Quote

Every order and quote has a unique timeline which documents who did what and when. Recording when the job was ordered, who approved it, which supplier its assigned to and when it was marked as Completed, Dispatched or Invoiced.

Product Setup

Really easy, choose between Regular, Editable, Instant Quote, & Stock Products

  • New products can be added in seconds
  • Powerful pricing mechanism
  • Add images, PDFs, print specs

Automatic Template Creation

Simply upload a finished design (PDF) & PrintJob will create the template instantly,  calculating all the xy coordinates of text fields, labels fonts and pictures

  • No plugins
  • No preparation needed
  • No expertise required.

Stock Management

Got thousands of items of stock? The PJ system is designed to make it easy!

  • Live stock quantities available to everyone
  • Stock location Codes
  • Back order options
  • Low stock emails reminders
  • Fast replenishment ordering
  • Stock Management all on one page

Xero Accounting Software Plugin

PJ has teamed up with Xero Accounting – now all your PJ orders can be transferred immediately

  • No more double entry
  • Instant invoices created in Xero
  • All cloud based communication
  • Available in Australia, NZ, UK & USA


The PJ System can work in any language. We just need a translation!  

  • Available – French, German, Swedish, Italian. 
  • Need another language? Speak to us!
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