Frequently Asked Questions

Where are PJ based?

Scotland, UK

How much does the system cost?

Whatever you can pay. Everything is negotiable. The PrintJob system can automate many of the mundane processes and save you 1000’s of hours. Can you put a price to that 😉

Can I build my own editable products?

Yes. Its all done inside the browser. Simply upload a pdf and the software will automatically calculate all the xy coordinates, fonts and font sizes of all the text and picture fields. You don’t need any plugins to Acrobat or InDesign

Will the PJ system work in my country?

Yes, PJ is web based and can handle all currencies and locales (ie date, time and address formats). If you intend to take web payments, instead of invoicing your clients, you might need to check with Paypal or Stripe to see if they work in your currency.

Can I get rid of all references to PrintJob?


We are an NGO / Charity can PrintJob help us?

Yes of course. Save time and effort processing print requests by centralising and automating it all. You can decide who can see what, set up managers, budgets, cost centres, approvers and automate the print straight through to suppliers. As well as manage quote requests for bespoke work and most importantly retain complete control of everything.

Are you planning to add an API

Yes in 2016

Are you linked with any Accounting systems

We are fully integrated with Xero online accounting software. Xero primarily cover the USA, UK, Australia & NZ markets but offering it globally too. All orders generated through PrintJob will appear immediately as invoices in Xero.

Who is the software aimed for?

Our primary market has always been print companies but we also have charities, political parties, NGOs and corporations who like to manage their own print using us.

"We have used Printjob since the end of 2009 to our complete satisfaction. Of all the systems we have tested, PrintJob is by far the easiest and most powerful solution in this technical and commercial sector. Our clients are thrilled!"
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