Below are the various elements to Stock Management System.

Quantity on Hand =  This is the all important Quantity (QTY). This is also known as QTY on hand or True QTY, or “Amount on shelf”. Admin can adjust this figure at any time. 

Quantity Allocated = This is the QTY currently on order that has not been completed / cancelled or deleted.

Replenishment Quantity = This is the Qty of replenishment stock that is currently on order. Only Client Senior Managers can order replenishment stock. When these orders are completed the ‘Quantity on Hand’ will reflect the correct Qty

Available Quantity includes uncompleted replenishment orders = When ticked Quantity Available will add any replenishment stock on order.

Allow Back Orders = Ticking this will allow clients to order stock products when there is in sufficient stock available. Otherwise the client will not be allowed to order stock that is greater than the Quantity Available shown to them.

Stock History = Every type of stock movement is recorded allowing you to see exactly who did what and when.

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