During an order what does the user see? How does admin control it?

When the user presses ‘CHECKOUT’ the system can ask for a delivery/shipping address and a billing address. Most of the time the billing address is the same as the delivery/shipping. The preferences for these 2 groups of fields (among admin users) can be quite diverse and its a real challenge to make a simple management tool to control this area.

For example, 1 client wants their users to have to fill in an address every time, from scratch without loading anything from the database. In another example the user should simply choose from 5 pre-approved addresses without being able to edit or choose new. In ordinary circumstances, users should be able to choose an address or add one, and if repeat ordering, they shouldnt really have to do anything at all (since it could be prefilled).

The options for all this are in the ACCOUNT_SETTINGS pages. Either the ‘Default Client Settings’ or the ‘Actual Client Settings’ (the latter if you want to customise it for that account only).

Address Source – How do the users choose addresses?

1. Manual Input – means they have to manually type the address every time.

2. Client Address – they can choose any address that is ‘Client-wide’, generally, addresses created by admin or managers.

3. Personal Address – they can only choose addresses they have personally created.

4. All Available. (excluding other users personal addresses)

Autofill Options –  This is how users see the delivery address fields – filled or empty? Options are:

1. Nothing will be prefilled.

2.  Client/Department default address – if no department then it will choose the clients default address. if none then empty

3. Users default (all users have a default address. (If they specifically dont, then their default is their department address or the client address).

4. Last filled – the fields will pre fill with the last used address.

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