What is a Dataloader?

A dataloader is a mechanism that PrintJob has devised and built which allows users to load peoples (or other) data into templates. For example, when Gene Simmons wants to order some backstage passes for his bandmates, he can use the drop down tool to select their names and generate new artwork.

One way of looking at it is that a user is ordering on behalf of someone else. Dataloaders is the PrintJob solution for this and it allows for a very wide range of potential circumstances.

Where can I find it?

If you are building an editable template as Admin, click on the ‘New Object’ button and select Dataloader. There are 4 different types of dataloaders.


Users Dataloader

The Users dataloader will show clients a list of active (and inactive) users (with restrictions if departments are in use). When they select a user, that users data will load into any field on the template which has its default content field as a user driven field.


In addition to going down the object list and filling in all user data,  the dataloader will also fill in department and address data driven fields. Howso?? you may ask!

The user might belong to a department. This means that from the choice of user, the system can also identify the department name and department fields.

The department might also have a ‘default address’. Consequently, the user dataloader will also load any address fields, with address data.


The net result is that you can solve quite a bit chunk of work with just one drop down.

Using the Departments Dataloader.

If you have template which is designed not to load users information but only department name, department profile fields and any address data, then you would use the Departments Dataloader. In this case Gene Simmons would be loading data about his band ‘Kiss’ only. And of course it follows that a department might have a default address, so it would load address fields up too.

Using the Addresses Dataloader

Loads up only address data into template fields with data driven address content.

Using Multiple Dataloaders.

You can have as many dataloaders as you like, but here’s the golden rule: A dataloader will only affect template fields below it, not above it, regardless of whether there are other dataloader drop downs.

NOTE: You may find, as a consequence of using multiple dataloaders that a field might be filled in twice but, apart from some minor confusion from the most alert of users, it wont affect anything. The advantage of allowing multiple dataloaders is profound and easily outweighs the cost. The chronology of filling in the left hand form is quite normally from the top down.

NOTE: Dataloaders and the visibility of data, works with restrictions, relating to what data the user can actually see, or what they have been allowed to see, by admin. More info at Ordering on Behalf of.






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