We like to hear from everyone about how we can improve the PJ Platform, from simple observations to adding new features.

New Ideas

PrintJob is open to suggestions and development requests – however they have to fit our strict criteria – that they will benefit everyone.

All requests we receive are recorded for analysis & discussion. Once they are accepted they go into a prioritised queue. When the time comes, we have to do a specs outline and risk assessment (new stuff breaks old stuff). We currently have over 300 suggestions already in our new development documents! This means that unless its revolutionary or super easy to do, its likely the feature you suggest will have to wait. Please also consider that what’s important to you might not be important to others. Everyone has their own priority list.


Urgent Work

Of course business is business and quite often something is needed urgently. We therefore offer 2 per day rates.

1. To push a development item forward within the next two/three weeks. £250 per man per day.

2. Where we drop what we’re currently doing and start on your thing immediately. £400 per day.

This isn’t the cost of development (which is much more – all development has long term consequences) – its a prioritisation fee. Note: minimum one day rate applicable. Note also that, in theory, we restrict rush development to 25% of all development, so that no one company can completely control the direction of PrintJob.

If you have an urgent request please let us know via the in app messenger or support@printjob.com

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