SEO is available for Public (B2C) storefronts only.

What SEO fields are available?

You can add SEO data in multiple areas, so to keep it simple, I will list them all.

  1. Product category home page. When you are viewing this page in Admin you will see the ‘Edit Category’ button at the top. This opens a popup where you can add the SEO info for this page.

2. For each subsequent category you add, you will see the SEO details when you either create or edit that Category.

3. Adding SEO to a product. This is not so straightforward because a product can appear in multiple places so the process is slightly different. Why? because we allow you to have the option to change the SEO for each page the same product appears. You will find the SEO settings in the box called Categories when you edit a product.

When a universal Product or Category exists in your Public Storefront you can add SEO settings by clicking on ‘More’ when you hover over the tile.

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