‘It is imperative that people keep their browser up to date and clear out the cache regularly.’ That seems to be the general consensus going about. But why?

The simple reason is that in the olden days, when the internet was really slow, browsers thought it was a good idea to store pages, and always show you a locally stored page. This extends to holding data you put into pages in a cache, and loading those parameters again and again. Obviously now that most websites are dynamic and not static, browsers tend not to do this and can be set to not do this. However, periodically its a good idea to clean up your browser ‘memory’.

Many PJ Support issues have come about because of cache issues. If the issue can be solved by clearing the cache, and because doing it is so quick and easy, we would recommend you try this when you have an issue.

How do I clear the cache?

Clearing the cache:P
(More instructions for this on google)

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