We are currently working on a design studio and turnaround times of products.

Change/Update log. Most recent first.

30 Jan 2023

  1. Emails now have two note sections for information to add to the bottom of emails.

10 Jan 2023

  1. Message emails received by administrators now specify who is assigned to the job.

18 Dec 2022

  1. Datasets can now have 200 columns of data.

18 Nov 2022

  1. Order Prefix can now use 8 characters

04 Oct 2022

  1. Colorado sales tax added. Giving correct sales tax by zip code

25 Sept 2022

  1. Enable admin to disable mail/merge per storefront

20 Sept 2022

  1. Mail merge/data input. The client can now upload CSV files to generate mass editable templates at once.

14 Sept 2022

  1. Printable documents now appear on a per storefront basis. Allowing client-focused invoices etc

29 July 2022

  1. Hide stock quantities from users
  2. Restrict file sizes that users can upload, anything from 5MB to 200MB

30 June 2022

  1. Allow only Senior Managers to see pricing

28 June 2022

  1. Suppliers can toggle views of their OM

20 June 2022

  1. Emails sent to the supplier are automatically collated into one, every 10 minutes.
  2. Hide imprint details from suppliers

9 June 2022

  1. Admin can now modify the VAT % of any order after it has been made. Ie if the order is going outside the EU
  2. Remove estimate from cost price
  3. Fixed menu issue in mobile format.

1 June 2022

  1. Lock PDF feature – locks the contents of PDFs users can access. Includes digital PDFs
  2. Fix shipping price missing in Invoices
  3. Remove edits to shipping appearing in client timeline.

19 May 2022

  1. Easypost not showing prices for overseas. Fixed by adding a default blank customs doc (non editable)
  2. Fixed max character limit bug.

5 May 2022

  1. Hide certain departments from new registrations
  2. Quotes are missing if VAT is inclusive or Exclusive.

20 April 2022

  1. SSL Certificates malfunctioned. Fixed.

12 April 2022

  1. Minor bugs fixed. Not worth listing.

12 Feb 2022

  1. California and other US states sales tax added.

7 Jan 2022

  1. All bugs fixed

19 Dec 2021

  1. ImprimtMIS enhancements, certain products can be omitted.

2 Dec 2021

  1. More info is added to thankyou for your order email
  2. Jobname order name can be moved from per product to per order
  3. Modify Add Files enabled
  4. Users can toggle jobs or orders in their Order Manager
  5. Reorder whole orders is now possible

18 Oct 2021

  1. Email logs are available. Admin can resend any email.

4 Oct 2021

  1. Admin can login as any user, no emails are sent if admin creates an event in wearing the hat of a user.

19 Sept 2021

  1. Timestamps are recorded when invoice or proforma first sent out.

11 Sept 2021

  1. Enhance features to table search
  2. Jobview enhancements

01 Sept 2021

  1. Global price change feature
  2. Ready for pickup emails collated and sent every 10 minutes

12 Aug 2021

  1. Extensive jobview changes
  2. Discspace page now contains a better breakdown of everything.
  3. You can now delete data automatically every month.

3 Aug 2021

  1. B2C storefronts now allow you to add pages, sort what is in those pages, edit text, add banners etc. You can now host your website effectively on PrintJob.

18 July  2021

  1. Sendcloud a new EU focused shipping integration added.

9 July  2021

  1. Proforma invoices added

29 June 2021

  1. Imprint MIS integration. Orders can be manually or automatically sent to Imprint

13 June 2021

  1. Banners can now have multiple images
  2. Banners image can slide or fade, show arrows, set change rate etc

22 May 2021

  1. Dropzone rebuilt. No longer using 3rd party software.

1 May 2021

  1. Mollie a European payment gateway added.
  2. Direct debit enabled to pay for jobs and the PrintJob licence.

9 Apr 2021

  1. Single sign on (SSO) now can pull through addresses
  2. SSO can populate custom order fields.

26 Mar 2021

  1. Rejected emails and order emails contain more data about orders in them.

03 Mar 2021

  1. API  – Webhooks created automatically when order recevied or updated

12 Feb 2021

  1. Hashtag development allowing you to mirror text in different fields automatically.

10 DEC 2020

  1. Webhook is now active to send XML or JSON files to your own servers from the PrintJob API everytime an order is made.
  2. VAT info can be added for private storefronts which will appear in invoices
  3. Invoices can be adapted to show client info on the right (ie French Market) or left side
  4. Invoice can now be folded to show the address in DL and C5 window envelopes

10 DEC 2020

  1. Users in Europe can use their comma in the pricing matrix. Ie €33,00
  2. Copy and Paste is working on datasets
  3. Domains used for all storefronts can have the root domain pointing to a storefront or generic login page.
  4. Some design tweeks on the Editable product template.

13 NOV 2020

  1. Migrated our Singapore Server to Sydney datacenter

12 NOV 2020

  1. You can now create a link product that takes you to where ever you want the user to go.
  2. Option now for order data to go to Xero only once whole order is completed
  3. Intrepret PDF now intrepret colour automatically

20 OCT 2020

  1. Company name now available for all B2B accounts and reflected in all printable documents.
  2. Invoices can be sent automatically when order is made.
  3. Departments excempt from payment are now visible on departments page.

15 OCT 2020

  1. You can now use third party email providers to send all PrintJob emails. No more emails not going straight to the inbox.

6 OCT 2020

  1. Delivery notes now have tracking links embedded to them.
  2. Tracking links are now visible in dispatched emails.
  3. Custom CSS field is now added in themes so you can manipulate how the client side looks. Custom html header and footers are still available.

26 Sept 2020

  1. Minimum Order basket value enabled.
  2. You can see number of items sitting in peoples basket on the admin site.

14 Sept 2020

  1. Add mandatory contact fields required for couriers now possible for addresses
  2. Option to allow header to be 100%

05 Sept 2020

  1. Company name is editable in B2C storefronts
  2. Allow picture library to be used to select images for user profile fields

1 Sept 2020

  1. Some login issues resolved.
  2. API version 3 now released.

12 Aug 2020

  1. New icons for the admin site
  2. Lots of reengineering of the code over the holiday period

05 June 2020

  1. Authorise.net payment solution enabled.

04 May 2020

  1. New header menu options in themes

13 May 2020

  1. Multiple public storefront are enabled.
  2. New universal products that allow single products to be used in multiple places at once.

12 March 2020

  1. You can now activate online payments and approvals at the same time. Orders requiring approval can be paid later.
  2. PrintJob invoices can be emailed automatically once they are created
  3. You can now set preview sizes for the client-side
  4. Excess disc space is going live in April

18 Feb 2020

  1. Storefront plans cannot create companies by accident.
  2. IE11 cosmetic issues resolved. Please use Edge or any other browser.
  3. Email this is now using a new format to show images.

20 January 2020

  1. Language files are now automated. All new translations from clients will be updated at midnight every day.
  2. Imperial and Metric values are now stored against their label. So if you switch between them both you will see the equivalent value.

13 December 2019

  1. Admin can also add new jobs to existing orders.
  2. New design added to timeline comments to make them more visible.

3 December 2019

  1. Discounts in the form of coupons have been added. You can now apply % discounts and add free shipping.
  2. Orders can now be completed edited by admin. Any part of a job can be edited from price to additional options. As always everything is recorded in the timeline.
  3. You can now add payments to orders. Ie BACS, credit card, cheque etc and their corresponding amounts.

20 November 2019

  1. You can now duplicate whole categories into multiple locations
  2. You can import a whole catalogue into any company
  3. DMARC is now compulsory to improve email visibility

29 October 2019

  1. Pay icon appears for all jobs in client Order Management page when jobs require payment and payment is active.
  2. Required by date is now mandatory if selected and a user cannot select the first three days.
  3. Quote template fields can now be made mandatory
  4. Admin now receives an email when a supplier provides an estimate to a quote request.

20 October 2019

  1. Greek language now 100% available
  2. Low stock emails now show stock data.
  3. Language files updated with some missing translation files.
  4. When approver edits a job the preview is refreshed and processing icon appears until it has
  5. When admin marks something as completed then processing icon appears until all background activity is finished.
  6. Error in table counts have been resolved.

10 October 2019

  1. All emails have been redesigned and reworded
  2. Email header / footer and sender can be set per company now
  3. Admin can choose not to select certain emails.

13 September 2019

  1. DMARC added to email sender address. To improve email deliverability by verifying the domain used.
  2. Favicons have been added to the admin system and for each company so every client can have their own.
  3. Browser title has been added also per company.
  4. Images are now resized automatically if user is not allowed to crop images.
  5. Quote request templates. Gone is the default option that was not editable.
  6. Login and Create buttons added to user profile in admin job view page.
  7. Lots of small cosmetic stuff, button uniformity, new icons etc added.

6 September 2019

  1. Proofing – Admin can now send specific proofs to the client which will send out a email notification. Client can accept it with one click.
  2. New icons and improved visibility in client order manager and quote manager, so new messages or quotes are easier to find.
  3. Budget management – you can now see how much each user as spent and has left to spend.

4 September 2019

  1. Mask data enabled in the template. You can now auto format text so it appears like this when users just enter numbers ie 01-333-222-222
  2. You can now export all product data via the API
  3. Facebook Pixel added
  4. Admin can now replace the principle artwork on the job view page
  5. You can now bulk download all job files.
  6. Option been included to hide parameters from users.

20 August 2019

  1. Assigned to and Urgency. You can now assign jobs to admin users and mark if they are Urgent.
  2. You can now view customer profile data in the the job view page

17 July 2019

  1. Admin can now hide Order For / Job Name
  2. Supplier ID no longer shows to user in timeline when Supplier marks job as dispatched.
  3. Super status On Hold is now available so the client can see orders on hold.
  4. Company Avatars have been added to various admin pages.
  5. Out of Stock message now appears on stock products that cannot be ordered
  6. Stock history now shows 20 rows and upto 300
  7. Client Order Manager now shows net, tax & price in the table
  8. Email header/footer images are now independent of any other images.
  9. If there is only one category showing the client will see what is in the category by default.
  10. Content option page redesign.
  11. Appearance page redesign
  12. Admin can rename departments for the client side. Ie Call it Locations
  13. Client side Quote manager page you can now see a column project name in the table.
  14. Client can now upload files in stock products.

24 June 2019

  1. Colour options added to QR codes.
  2. Users can now be moved from one company to another.
  3. Danish added to End user sites.

24 June 2019

  1. MultiQTY fix.
  2. Translations updated
  3. 2 decimal points added to fixed price additional options for price per page products.
  4. Xero improvements to integration (backend)
  5. Some company dashboards were showing incorrect values. Now corrected.

05 June 2019

  1. Price per page additional options – add Multiply total page count by the additional option selected
  2. Regular product now have a multi Qty option based on parameters. Users can select any quantity of each parameter within one product.
  3. Guest users for the public storefront are now put into a company called storefront, this is the first part of allowing the system to have multiple storefronts.

06 May 2019

  1. API version 2 is released. Updated documentation about the latest changes in last few months.

04 May 2019

  1. Users can now upload upto 200MB files at once.

29 April 2019

  1. You can now download all job files at once.
  2. Admin can now activate users who have not verified their email and thus login as them.
  3. Huge development in the background to redo how images are created and stored so to avoid bottlenecks when lots of images are created in the checkout process for example. Hugh increase is ordering speed is the outcome.

24 April 2019

  1. Crop feature added to images uploaded by the user for editable products

07 April 2019

  1. Email this – can now be switched on/off. It now contains all the product info/parameters and price as well as the image.

19 March 2019

  1. Suppliers can change their language.

11 March 2019

  1. Product id character limited extended 15 character
  2. Profile fields now have a setting show senior managers. Ie only they can edit the field.

9 March 2019

  1. Email this is now enabled on the storefront. All parameters and additional options show in the email.

1 March 2019

  1. Brexit precautions taken and all EU clients have been moved to Frankfurt hosting from London.
  2. PrintJob is now running the latest versions of all support software from apache, mysql, ubuntu, php7 etc.
  3. PrintJob servers underwent another extensive security test and more security features were added.

17 Feb 2019

  1. Storefront now allows guest users to order or request a quote without having to register. Removes any impediments to order. Admin can clearly see who these guest users are.

15 Feb 2019

  1. PrintJob is now in complete Spanish.

12 Feb 2019

  1. Currency type is now showing in quote estimates so there can be no confusion.
  2. Currency will show with description only when different to admins currency. Ie CAD$
  3. Telephone numbers for shipping purposes now showing in order summaries.
  4. Profile fields now work with special characters.

22 Jan 2019

  1. API had a small typo error in the code. Resolved
  2. Some stock items were showing incorrect levels, now fixed.
  3. Some quote issues were resolved relating to the creation of estimates.

14 Jan 2019

  1. Export order manager data via CSV now includes shipping costs.
  2. Fixed some attachments for quote requests went missing if the user filled out the form incorrectly.
  3.  Description was removed from Delivery notes.

8 Jan 2019

  1. Quick job not working due to required by error.
  2. Fixed – Quote requests were allowing no quantity to be chosen.
  3. Adding files to dropzone was taking too long. This was due to pdf image conversion now removed.
  4. Fixed – Email this stopped sending emails.

5 Jan 2019

  1. Required by date now shows by default 7 days in advance.
  2. Signup on printjob.com was talking longer than necessary.
  3. Languages have all been updated.

21 Dec 2018

  1. Fixed – JPEG download was showing the media page when it should have been showing just within the trimbox or cropbox.
  2. Fixed – Colour sider was stuck in editable template.

20 Dec 2018

  1. Digital Download products now available in both Editable and Regular format. It will allow users to download JPEG or PDFs at the end of the order.

18 Dec 2018

  1. QR codes are now reading map to database fields correctly
  2. Fixed – unable to delete user profile images
  3. Fixed – Portuguese showing mil after quantities when it was less that 1000

10 Dec 2018

  1. Fixed preview alignment for some products.
  2. Footer was showing on some login pages. Now removed.

4 Dec 2018

  1. Fixed – Users were able to place spaces in the quantity they wanted which caused the qty to show nothing.
  2. Corrected metric vs imperial confusion when Easypost shipping and company used different versions.
  3. Changed the submit quote button to uploading until uploaded files are completed to improve user experience.
  4. Fixed some layout issues on old versions of Safari. Please update your browsers to the latest versions where possible.

28 Nov 2018

  1. Fixed – address validations for mandatory not being enforced.
  2. Fixed – deleting product images now corrected
  3. Rebuilt style and colour editors with the latest code to fix some minor issues.
  4. Updated language files.

21 Nov 2018

  1. Quick Job – you can now choose to make the job tax exempt.
  2. Banners have now been added to Categories and Products. So now you can have a different banner on every page.
  3. Languages – allowed English (USA) and English (Canada) to be selectable. Previously they were hard coded to systems created in those regions.
  4. Pricing setup – Parameters and additional options values have had their character limit increased to 60 characters from 30.

18 Nov 2018

  1. Dataset fields have had the character limit extended from 600 to 1500
  2. Fixed – new easypost keys format now work. Existing keys do not require changing.
  3. Fixed – The new file name found for orders with editable products did not work where people used full stops in their name.
  4. Fixed – Delete button was not working on enduser address page.

14 Nov 2018

  1. Tax – tax is now calculating net price to 4 decimal places before rounding to give a more accurate figure. Ie if you want gross price to be $93.00 with tax of 10$ you can set net price can be set to 84.545
  2. Fixed –  asterisk missing on some profile fields in admin
  3. Stripe – unpaid status was not telling the user that the system has been suspended.

10 Nov 2018

  1. Norwegian language added to client side
  2. Fixed – Admin could not download client file uploads where spaces are found in the file name.
  3. Add to basket button now changes to Uploading when a file is being uploaded so user cannot now click the button until the process is finished.
  4.  Fixed – search bar becoming thin
  5. Sped up the time it takes to return data from dataloaders. Now about 0.2 seconds per line.
  6. Fixed department image not showing automatically in editable product

29 Oct 2018

  1. Made watermarks more transparent so pdfs are easier to read
  2. Renamed editable artwork pdfs in order to reflect their job id, order for/job name and qty so they are easy to identify later.
  3. Trade prices. You can now give some accounts a % discount in standard products.
  4. Fixed – default addresses of departments not showing automatically for end users in their checkout page.
  5. Reworked the basket page, added edit icon
  6. Updated dynamic headers to reflect new front end.

25 Oct 2018

  1. Department profiles – add pictures. Means logos can be loaded into editable products automatically based on what department a user is in.
  2. Admin job view page – added a link to the invoice settings.
  3. Fixed – slow performance on Admin>View Users

15 Oct 2018

  1. Summary Emails – Job dispatched now grouped together in one email every four hours.

1 Oct 2018

  1. New Front End, responsive design
  2. Major redesigns of multiple pages.
  3. Added multiple product images.
  4. Change all Job View pages

25 July 2018

  1. Mini release to allow picture fields to be added to profile fields. So now users can for example add mug shots of themselves.

12 Feb 2018

  1. QR Codes
  2. Additional Options Pricing Mechanism update – this is a big change – you can now have the system multiply the fixed price for an additional option by the Quantity. For example, if you offer double stitching on Flags, it might be an extra $3 per flag. Previously you could only multiply the price of 5 flags by say 10%. Now, you can give a more accurate price of (Base Price + ($3 x 5)).

10 Jan 2018

  1. Area Products – This will allow your clients to enter custom width and height and be able to see a price based on the area.

20 Dec 2017

  1. Per department payment settings
  2. Restrict countries
  3. Many small items
    1. Added ‘Departments’ & ‘Additional Delivery Instructions’ to the Order Manager & CSV export
      – “Allow PDF preview” option now placed on the main admin> edit product> tab.
      – Welcome Message – added an INFO icon
      – Added ‘Sorting’ to columns & Search in the Stock Management page
      – Edit from Basket – remove ‘Add to’ and replace with Update
      – Allow HIDE image objects on editable templates (those with default images). Also allow remove default. – The significance of this development is that you can have image objects that are placed onto the template without letting users know. The image objects may for example be imported via the PDF Interpret feature, or you may be using them to mask certain elements or provide shading.
      – Departments Dataloader – make default content ‘Search’, make auto load default & fill order for field
      – Drag and drop sorting for Quote Form objects
      – Highlight when admins search is ON in any product view
      – Admin>Company Settings>User Profiles Fields – Admin can now add new fields in company settings instead of having to go to the storefront settings.
  4. Request Payment -If you have the Payment System – Stripe enabled, you can now Request Payment on any Admin> Order View Page, even if the payment system is switched off for that account.
  5. Languages – The process of adding Portuguese to the system has now started. We have the front end in 10 languages not including Canadian English (which was implemented simply to change a few words such as ‘State’ into ‘Province’).

30 Nov 2017 

  1. Tax per department – you can now apply a TAX (like FST 6%) on a per Department basis

12 Nov 2017 

  1. Edit shipping after order has been received.
  2. Request payment email
  3. Saved Designs & Save for Later -We have simplified this area of the front end – allowing Users to hold designs and configured products in a folder. If an item is saved for later it remains there until deleted (add to basket doesn’t remove it). Items should be named by the Ordered For/Jobname field.
  4. Email this option – This new button allows Users to send a static version of what they are seeing to someone. The recipient will receive an email with a link, which goes to a webpage, with no active links so that they may approve and reply to the sender. We may add a messaging system to this in the future, if its requested.

1 Nov 2017 

  1. API has landed

20 Sept 2017

  1. Import/Export Products – allows you to import an entire product catalog, complete with folders and images.
  2. Copy Pricing – All Parameters, Pricing Data & Additional Options) from one product to another.
  3. External Reference Code – we’ve added a field in the Order View page to allow you to add in your own codes.So if you have a reference number for the order from another system, you can add it here. Its also searchable on the Order Manager.
  4. Inactive’ Suppliers – this is a tiny fix with a massive implication. You can now have ‘Inactive Suppliers’ – these are simply people and companies that you list against jobs for the purposes of order management and tracking and cost/profit analysis. So, apply jobs to suppliers in the normal way but observe one new underlying rule – unless a Supplier has been specifically invited (by Admin) to login, they will NOT receive any emails.

19 Aug 2017

  1. This week at PrintJob we fixed a little issue with Product Image Resolution. Users can see a much better image if they click on the thumbnail. Please note if this image is derived from the artwork file (it was automatically created), there is another fix coming on Monday.

14 Aug 2017

  1. SEO – SEO fields for the Storefront, products folders and products. Google and other search engines will read this information and bring your storefront up the rankings.

24 July 2017

  1. Pay later – If you are using one of the online payment systems you can now offer your users the option of ‘Paying later’. This message is editable, so you can give users other options like ‘Send me an invoice’ or ‘I’ll pay cash when I pickup’ (or anything else).
  2. Registrations department – Where you allow users to register for particular accounts, on custom login pages, we’ve changed the option to FORCE users to choose departments instead of letting them ignore it (if you have it switched on). A user without a department can see everything(!!) – something you probably don’t want. Note: if you want a user to see all products and addresses etc, make them a “Senior Manager”
  3. Data sorting – We’ve just added column sorting on many more columns in the Orders, Quotes, User & Company pages.

20 June 2017

  1. Min Order Value – We’ve added a field to the top of the pricing page called Minimum Price. This is simply a mechanism to allow you to ensure that whatever prices you put in for a particular product and all its pricing variations, (in the large table below), your users will not be able to see a price lower than a given figure.

  2. Copy products – Duplicating Products can now be done across different accounts.

24 May 2017

  1. Easypost Integration  You can now provide real time shipping prices and tracking to clients and create shipping labels for all the following carriers.

11 April 2017

  1. PrintJob now provides free SSL certificates for custom domains.

21 Mar 2017

  1. Junior admins with restrictions to companies only

10 Feb 2017

  1. Curved text
  2. Cc’d all system emails
  3. Cosmetic changes to layout in editable product setup.

15 Jan 2017

  1. Brand new Quote system
    • Admin can do it all themselves
    • Divide jobs into Tasks and list costs for each
    • Create Auctions for Jobs
    • Enter Estimates from Suppliers
    • Send PDF Quotes to Clients
    • Properly record cost and profits

12 Sept 2016

  1. Enhanced and verified all security on servers
  2. Doubled both RAM and Core CPUs on all server
  3. Allow admin to decide if client can remain where he is or go straight to basket when ordering stuff.

1 Aug 2016

  1. Trim, crop and art boxes are now respected when outputting pdfs
  2. Budgets have been enhanced.

21 June 2016

  1. Format control added -Now you can force users to follow a pattern on editable fields
  2. Allowed multiple uploads
  3. Expanded jpeg previews for all pdfs

31 May 2016

  1. German and Swedish client languages now added.

17 May 2016

  1. Export data for Senior Managers and Suppliers (plus artwork for suppliers)
  2. Cost price can be edited by suppliers (Sales price now permanently removed from supplier)
  3. Additional options now have cost price feature
  4. Reworded the timeline messages
  5. Changing tabs on tables is now more visible
  6. Made better use of info text
  7. Added delete and sort for uploaded images on client side
  8. Consigned ‘for the attention of’ to Company addresses only
  9. Made additional delivery instructions optional
  10. Added sort function to supplier column in Order Manager
  11. All products can have additional artwork files attached to them for admin and supplier use only
  12. Editable products can now have default non editable picture fields

26 April 2016

  1. Sendle Courier Integration

4 April 2016

  1. Languages – French, Italian side
  2. Languages – French Admin Side
  3. Timeline language – updated
  4. Asset manager access privileges review

28 March 2016

  1. Storefront Order Review message ‘I have understood and accept. . ‘ (now editable)
  2. Login page unified all over the system
  3. Order Printouts and Invoices – Add Department Name
  4. Order Printouts and Invoices – Add Billing Address

21 March 2016

  1. HTML Headers and footer
  2. Toggle menu on/off
  3. Picture library display links for each asset (for use in HTML headers etc)
  4. Banner on product catalog page
  5. Themes – add/remove background images for login pages
  6. End User previews downscaled to 72dpi

14 March 2016

  1. Order Manager top checkbox does not activate/allow the export of the print files options – fixed
  2. Senior Manager search options fixed

7 March 2016

  1. Remote Logins – bring users in from other systems, without logging in
  2. Senior Manager – Search Products – fixed
  3. Order Manager – select all and Export CSV feature improved and updated
  4. Export CSV improved column headers and data handling
  5. Disable Re-Order button for products that are no longer available
  6. Product pricing adjustment page – no longer wipes all entries
  7. Product pricing – allow for ‘product not available in that parameter combination
  8. Supplier systems – CSS fixes and autocompleting of jobs now resolved
  9. Admin View Job page – switching and messaging both fixed
  10. Change domain name fixed
  11. Save for later – now shown all the time
  12. Change domain name fixed
  13. Replenish Stock calculator fixed

29 February 2016

  1. MyGate Payment System
  2. Basket layout fixes, budgets running into price
  3. Send messages to supplier – message alert fix

22 February 2016

  1. Import users – now has Department ID added
  2. Price Matrix – tightened the rules about what happens when you add/edit/delete parameters or quantities.
  3. UI – Improved many UI elements in admin and supplier systems
  4. Search Products now available for all user roles and does not include hidden products.

9 February 2016

  1. Themes – client side fonts, colours, background images.
  2. Unit price for range pricing – up to 4 decimal places
  3. Export CSV from Order Manager –  individual or all jobs
  4. Search Update – searches everything
  5. Auto Scroll – popups have this enabled automatically.
  6. Add new user and company in one

11 January 2016

  1. Product Search for Users
  2. Address Search for Users
  3. Text Fill – like shrink to fit, but fill to fit
  4. Department Managers can now Add Users to departments they manage
  5. Approvers can now better edit jobs before approving
  6. Department Managers – now detached from approval process. Must be named as approvers to approve
  7. Search users – now working more visually and not in the background
  8. Minor issues and bugs fixed

7 December 2015

  1. Added Invoice functionality. Invoices will be send via email in a pdf format.
  2. Ordersheet and Jobsheet separated.
  3. Client Order summary added
  4. Sender Email now automated and requires both SPF and DMIK verification to prevent emails going to spam.
  5. Some minor issues and a few bugs

23 November 2015

  1. Product Pricing Additional Options Yes/No default fixed
  2. Order Manager tab count fix.
  3. Quote Address problem fixed
  4. Added scrolling on registration page, for accounts with lots of profile fields
  5. Mark as dispatched error fixed
  6. French Emails translations made live
  7. Tracking and leading on paragraph fields now fixed
  8. Hide Cost Price and Weight by default on Price Matrix page
  9. Pricing Parameters pop ups redesign
  10. Admin Clients page redesign

16 November 2015

  1. Integration with Xero Account Software completed. www.xero.com
  2. Low Stock alerts are now sending on the number indicated and not one less.
  3. Made product preview larger for taller documents.

02 November 2015

  1. Added option to apply tax rates to shipping costs.

26 October 2015

    1. Added “Show pdf” button to editable product template preview for admin.
    1. Added an option on the text object (for admin) colour page (and also on colour style) – ‘Set to overprint’ YES/NO
    1. Users can now choose department during registration
    1. Squeeze limit for text field is now editable
    1. Added Product Search to administrators product catalogue
    1. Saved designs are now sorted alphabetically
    1. If no products are set to allow “replenish stock” – ‘Replenish Stock’ is hidden on user interface
    1. Order ‘Confirmation’ message now editable on the Content Options page
    1. Department View Restrictions now apply correctly. If user does not have department, they can see everything.
    1. Problem with users not always seeing addresses FIX
    1. Problem with adding Administrator FIX
    1. Choose address on quote form FIX
    1. Admin Branding language selection now saving default as it should FIX
    1. Changing product image or artwork sometimes does not update the preview. FIX
    1. Client Location Settings, use default = not shading properly FIX
    1. Changed text on Domain Setup Panel
    1. Cosmetic issue with Saved Designs page. FIX
    1. When creating partial delivery Supplier job status now changes to partially completed. FIX
    1. Removed unnecessary timeline entry ‘Job assigned’ on supplier status change. FIX
    1. Order Manager display error FIX
    1. Budget Popup layout FIX
    1. Product Name no longer cut off in basket
  1. Umpteen small fixes.

19 October 2015

    1. Storefront Languages – UK English, US English, French
    1. Admin Languages – UK English, US English (French coming soon)
    1. Timeline Changes – less system messages, more people messages
    1. Remove Dataloaders on Generic Products (no data to load anyway)
  1. Extensive bug fixes, 5 x Error 500, Delivery Note errors and more

12 October 2015

    1. French & American English translations done
    1. Iframe – allowing for placement of storefront inside another website
    1. Delivery & Billing Address – reworking
    1. Suppliers Order History fixed
    1. Empty Price – showing users that greyed out price choice is not selectable and therefore not orderable
    1. Text ‘Fake Login’ removed and reworded
  1. Extensive buglist fixed (eg: deleted yourself, logout blank page error, registration page roadblock fix etc)

21 September 2015

    1. Hidden Categories – hide old or unfinished folders from clients
    1. Leading – vertical spacing on paragraph text fields
    1. Tracking – allowing space between chars
    1. Uploading. . show animation when users upload images
    1. Date Search tools revamped and redesigned
    1. Hide all junior admin stuff – pending rebuild (security issues)
    1. Addresses –  default sort to alphabetical
    1. Suppliers – default sort to alphabetical
  1. Umpteen small bug fixes(!!) (eg: make pic folders 60 char name, restrict length of cost centre dropdown to avoid read problems etc)

15 September 2015

    1. Picture Objects – upload from users hardrive (incl.drag and drop), load previously uploaded images
    1. PictureLibraries – now allow PDFs as images
    1. Multiple Page PDF – highlight current page, fixed double click = hanging issue
    1. Hidden Products and Folders – Folders marked as hidden (to clients (for working on)) now hide all contents within
    1. Profile fields – scramble in google chrome fix
    1. Import Data – now all fields are max 120 char
    1. Custom Domain Names – now reflecting in the emails to clients (URL links)
    1. ‘Powered by PrintJob’ – now optionally replaced in emails
  1. Some small bug fixes

01 September 2015

    1. Picture Libraries – Files allowed: jpg, jpeg, png, tif, tiff, bmp.
    1. Editable Picture Objects on Editable Products
    1. Image Placement – fIt to max size, keep aspect ratio, crop to size
    1. Order Manager – Export Orders as CSV
    1. Order Manager – Download Print Files as ZIP
  1. Multiple (around 30) small bug fixes

24 August 2015

    1. Delete “Profile field” alert messages
    1. Stock Management – sort A-Z
    1. Default sort list Order Manager – most recent first
    1. Text Control – Case – UPPER, lower, InitCap
    1. Multiple Invites fixes
  1. Dataloader rewrite & fixes

10 August 2015

    1. Resize to fit and char limit fixes
    1. Profile fields – sortable
    1. Replenish Stock sort list – A-Z
    1. IE and MS Edge fixes
    1. Saved for later fixes
    1. Add to basket fixes
    1. Area detection fixes
    1. Login time fixes
    1. Empty category fixes
  1. Delete Account fixes

29 July 2015

    1. Admin and Senior Managers can now add/edit/delete users personal addresses.
    1. Senior Managers can now edit users.
    1. In order to facilitate “Order on behalf of” Department and Senior Managers can now choose, for delivery addresses, the personal addresses of normal users.
    1. Spot Colours are now represented by a comprehensive [Search and Select] list.
  1. Max Width on text objects now simplified. Set to 75% tracking, then resize down. No more upscaling.

14 July 2015

    1. Approvers can now edit jobs before approving them.
    1. Search filters have been enhanced everywhere so now it remembers if you go elsewhere and come back. Filters are enabled for clients.
    1. Print specification now visible to suppliers
    1. Product descriptions mimicked on the client side.
  1. Clients and Users are now separate areas in Admin System.

19 June 2015

  1. Admin Branding > Printable Documents, letting admin customise jobsheets and delivery notes
  2. User Search and filtering

04 June 2015

  1. Hide Prices – allowing for custom accounts which don’t ever see prices, in products, basket or order manager pages. (Budgets and Payment Systems need to be switched off)
  2. Admin Quoting – turnaround time setting default to 7
  3. Artwork file field for regular and stock product. Added option Show PDF YES/NO.
  4. Order for/Job Name field fill automatically
  5. External Approvers – option which allows users to nominate any user as their approver. Admin can limit the nominated approvers by domain. ie: domain must contain ‘xyz.com’
  6. Managers logging in need alerts eg ‘You need to approve 3 items’
  7. Checkout user accept tickbox – Fixed
  8. Background colour for product thumbs – Fixed
  9. Background artwork for editable products – so that background can be handled separately – allowing overprint products
  10. Remove filter from timeline on user side

13 May 2015

  1. Custom Fields in CSV import/export are not showing or allowing import
  2. Remove Delete from CSV import
  3. Load Data – Email field does not fill with data when used in data loader
  4. Adding a delivery note 100 does not change the 500
  5. File upload size revised to 100MB

May 11th 2015

  1. default Storefront products and Storefront Quote request to new systems
  2. basket checkout page and review page return to basket page if any data is missing
  3. Deleting administrators who have order manager settings or made changes to stock values fixed
  4. Fixes to address, dams asset, department, product, shipping, client, color style and font style forms to allow proper name lengths
  5. CSS fix to job view page
  6. Fix to Stripe always ON (unable to switch off) in storefront settings
  7. Optimization of MapToDatabaseManager – slow loading of editable product order when lots of users and lots of custom user fields
  8. Fix to timezone issues – unable to change locale to USA
  9. Fix to number of pages in product artwork page
  10. Fix for displaying accounting codes and customOrderFields dependant on subscription
  11. Approval changes to ignore setting when subscription does not allow custom settings
  12. Fix to breaking CSV imports
  13. Address CSV import fix
  14. Don’t check if products are up to date for guests.
  15. Don’t allow to edit jobs for guests.

May 6th 2015 PJ 4.0 Launch

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