Does PrintJob offer a design editor tool for the clients?

Do we have a general purpose Online Design Tool? The answer is no. Our users product design interface is limited to allowing users to change text and images, but not positions, fonts, fontsizes or colours. This is because the PrintJob system is largely used in a B2B setting where branding and design are strictly controlled. Allowing the secretary of one of your big clients to fiddle with the details of professionally designed templates would wreak havoc for those clients.

We do have it in our development list to allow admin to switch on and off –  font, font size, colour picker and maybe drag and drop. Its quite far down the list though (as of June 2015).

We did build a really cool Online Design Studio some years ago, with drag and drop and colour editing and image cropping etc, for a kind of retail solution, but we found that there just wasn’t any market for it. If a business wants to run a global retail site; an off the shelf B2B solution like ours is not really going to work, because there would simply be too much bespoke development. No two print companies would want the same print retail site. It would, in effect, become a one off development. Any printer that wants that kind of thing ought to think about developing it with a team of website designers.

If you want to see a demo of how our system works you could watch one of our videos.

Is PrintJob available in my language?

The client view system (aka the Storefront, which includes custom systems) will be available in any language you like in a few months (from Aug 2015). We will make a available a CSV file called a Storefront System Language File, which you can translate and offer as an option for your users ie: choose English or Turkish, or just Italian, etc. The file won’t be too long. We are conscious of keeping lengthy wording to a minimum.

Can I use my own domain name?

Yes. On the Enterprise Pro Plan. Go to ‘Admin Settings > Client Login Page’ to find the setting.

Can the system emails come from my own domain name?

Yes. On the Enterprise Pro Plan. Go to ‘Admin Settings > Admin Branding’ to find the setting. You may need to implement some SPF settings.

We would prefer to have OUR logo showing on the storefront and all system emails, not the PrintJob or “Powered by PJ” logo.

Yes. On the Enterprise Pro Plan. Go to ‘Admin Settings > Admin Branding’ to change the graphic.

Which Admin gets the emails?

Admin is listed as recipient for a number of system emails. System emails will actually go to all the admins where applicable. For example:

“New Job To Admin” & “Status Update / Message Notification” go to admin and junior admins, if the junior admin is assigned to that account.

What happens when a spend budget or a spend limit expires?

A spend limit is a restriction on what can be spent by a group of users. This budget has two characteristics.

A) amount of spending they can do eg $100 and
B) the date on which the spend budget expires, when the restriction is relaxed.

When the budget expires, the budget ceases to restrict users, and they can spend freely.
If Admin sets a budget but ignores the expiry date (ie: doesnt give one) the budget will not expire.

What happens when an account is suspended?
If Admin suspends a client account, all settings and users and data are retained, but no user for that account can login. Normal Service will resume if the account is ‘unsuspended’.

How do I generate invoices?
This feature is found on all Job view pages


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