Fonts. Where do I find them? What fonts can I use?

You can see the list of fonts available in your system in System Settings > Fonts To upload new fonts, you need to a) have a suitable license to use the font and b) make sure its properties allow it … Read More

Budgets. How do they work?

Budgets can also be called spend limits. Admin can allocate a budget for a client, or a department or a group of users within a client. Here’s an example: “Save the Gorillas Uganda Appeal”. Budget is set at $40,000, with … Read More

Thoughts on Product Pricing mechanisms

We have designed our product pricing model in the same way as our product template build process. Simple and manual. Lets recap: The product template build process is like this – you upload a PDF, then you add objects, then … Read More

What kinds of orders can the PJ system handle?

Types of products, product types, 1. Configurable Product / Instant Quote Product (aka Regular Product – variable quantities, and other parameters (such as size and colour, and finish etc) and additional options which user can define his required product. Users … Read More

What languages can we use?

At launch, the system is available in English and US English. A French and German version is in the works (as of April 2015). Admin users can choose at any time in what language they view the admin system. Admin … Read More

What are the ‘Standard Settings’?

There are three groups of settings in the PJ system. 1. System Settings – which control the various aspects of the ADMIN system 2. Standard Settings (aka Universal/Default Settings)- which represent the settings for all (non custom) clients and new … Read More

Register, Login & Passwords

How do I find the main login page of the new system? Each system is located at a different URL. Your login page is likely located at somewhere similar to where ‘demo’ is the name of your system.     … Read More

Registration Process

How does the registration process work? Registering on the Storefront. Users can register and become Client Users by 1. Using the Register button on the login panel (if Storefront Experience is enabled by Admin). This method requires users to verify … Read More

All about Suppliers

Whats a Supplier? A Supplier is a person or company who might produce or manufacture and send what you are selling to your clients. Adding Suppliers Add a Supplier in System Settings > Suppliers. What can you do with Suppliers? … Read More

Mark a job as completed

Please note – NO EMAIL is sent when admin or suppliers mark a job as completed When admin/supplier marks a job as "dispatched" the end user gets email number 7 – "Job Dispatched"