Uploading fonts

Upload fonts at admin settings > fonts From a Mac You can upload a dmac format – it will be converted to OTF and will work. Zipped folders and other formats are not permissible. From a PC TTF, OTF, PFA/PFB … Read More

Whats the background artwork file for?

The background artwork file on editable products, is an OPTIONAL artwork field, which has no purpose other than to simply create the live preview for end users, instead of the artwork file. This is done in the case where the … Read More

Why can’t I see the PJ system on IE 10?

In fact the PJ System will not view on IE 5.5, 6. 7. 8 and 10. Only IE9 and IE11 work. This is related to the PJ security protocol – our SSL certificate. Our servers only support TLS versions 1.1 … Read More

Cost Centres & Accounting Codes

When someone makes an order you can allow them to assign the order to a cost centre. TO enable this, go to the Client Settings > Accounting Codes. Add or import some cost centres, (name only). If you use departments, … Read More

Sample Headers and Footers

Sample Header 1 Sample Header 2 Sample Footer 1 Sample Footer 2 Download all at once

Font Error

What causes font errors? The PJ System doesn’t like fonts that are not embeddable, that is, which won’t allow themselves to be put into a PDF. In all cases where you get a font error, please contact support. We will … Read More

Resizing Text

If Jose Maria Gonzalez de la Casa de Santo Domingo de las Cruzes is editing his business card there’s a good chance that his name is going to stretch off the canvas, and make the design look terrible. And possibly require … Read More

Missing emails, anti spam & email authentication

The international anti spam effort is constantly making changes, in an effort to prevent our email mailboxes becoming filled up with rubbish. One of the more recent changes covers the area of  email being sent from a server, which is … Read More


What is a Dataloader? A dataloader is a mechanism that PrintJob has devised and built which allows users to load peoples (or other) data into templates. For example, when Gene Simmons wants to order some backstage passes for his bandmates, he can use … Read More

Clearing the cache

‘It is imperative that people keep their browser up to date and clear out the cache regularly.’ That seems to be the general consensus going about. But why? The simple reason is that in the olden days, when the internet … Read More