Aligning text items

You align text objects by assigning their XY co-ords to a point on the texts ‘virtual box’. If you imagine that the text is held in an invisible box, much like in Illustrator or Photoshop, you can determine how the … Read More

List vs Range Pricing

You can offer a product at certain quantities (QTYs) or let users type in the number they want. Both allow QTY Price breaks, but both work slightly differently when it comes to calculating the price. Acme Widgets might come in … Read More

Making an editable product 2 page

Business cards have a front and back. In PrintJob we do this via Page 1 and 2. You can have editable stuff on both pages. Actually you can have editable stuff on much more than 2 pages – the system … Read More

Handy Shortcuts

How do I edit the emails?

You can only edit the sender, header and footer of PrintJob system emails. This is because the system is published in 10 different languages, and custom emails would add too much work for the translators.

Purchase Order Numbers & other Accounting Codes

When your client orders, they might need to enter a Purchase Order ID, or a staff id or any other kind of code. Follow this pictorial guide to see how.

Who can see what?

Its very hard to make really powerful software easy to use. What follows is an explanation of How to limit the user experience by using departments. Its necessary here because using the departments to do this isn’t all that clear, … Read More

Simple guide to building Editable Products

The following is a step by step example of how to build an editable product. Please note that you can do any of the steps at any time, and follow your own approach. Many of the steps are optional. Its … Read More

Single Sign On/Remote Logins

Single Sign On/Remote Login aka “punch out”, is a feature which allows you to have users arrive into the PJ system, from another system, without logging in. To set it up go to the ‘remote logins’ menu item   Once, … Read More

Quote Quantities and Run On

How does the “Run On” field work?   Firstly, this field is found on Clients > Create Request for Quote (RFQ). Its not a field that admin can edit or remove, in the same way as the other fields on … Read More