GDPR – EU initiative for greater data transparency

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU Directive (Law) which affects all companies (even outside the EU) holding data about people who live in the Europe. The basic idea is that if you hold such data you must state what you … Read More


Datasets are like mini databases which allow you to load data into editable text fields on templates. Normally you would load either User data, Department data or Address data, but where you want to load other data you can use … Read More

Setting up QR codes

In Editable Products, Admin can now add QR Code Objects. Obviously if you have a static QR code, you could always add it as a picture object, but with the QR code feature, you can create dynamic content QR codes. … Read More

Tax and how it works

Company Tax As a rule all prices entered by admin are net prices ie price without tax. Tax is always applied afterwards. You can set whether your clients should see prices inclusive / exclusive of tax. If you disable tax … Read More

Real time shipping prices and shipping labels – a how to guide.

The PJ System has shipping options, to allow your clients to choose a shipping method during an order. However, these shipping price are either fixed, or tied only to weight (total basket checkout). For most applications this is perfectly OK. To … Read More

How to email a PDF quote to the client.

On the quotes page click on the ‘Create Quote Request’ button, fill out the form and click save. You then get taken to the specific quote request page where you can now add an estimate.   Add your cost price … Read More

Reports – exporting data to .csv

In the Order Manager, export as .csv works like this; Either Select the jobs you wish and click export Or Select none and export. It will download everything in the tab that is active, including the stuff that might be on page 2,3,4 … Read More

Why PDF preview in Firefox browser shows distorted characters

Firefox issue: Starting in Firefox 19, PDF files will display by default in a built-in viewer. This viewer does not yet support all of the features of the Adobe viewer, and may also have some bugs. Other than changing viewers, … Read More

Stripe – why we use it.

We are often asked why we use Stripe as a payment solution. Here is why. Stripe, a San Francisco based company, has a first rate API platform that is very well documented. It’s easy to implement and maintain. It provides PrintJob with a subscription … Read More