Custom/Urgent Development Requests

We like to hear from everyone about how we can improve the PJ Platform, from simple observations to adding new features. New Ideas PrintJob is open to suggestions and development requests – however they have to fit our strict criteria … Read More

Hiding crop marks, bleed etc using a Trim Box

The PJ system is set to respond to ‘Trim Boxes’ Or, more accurately, clients will only see previews of the trim box area and if no trim box then the crop box. If neither have been set then the Media … Read More

Server security, upgrade and backups explained

We have upgraded and/or implemented the following: -fail2ban – against brute force attacks -iptables – firewalls only allowing access via single access ports -Ddos – protecting against denial of service (DOS) attacks -Rkhunter/maldet – runs 24/7 and scans daily looking … Read More

Reports – exporting data to .csv

In the Order Manager, export as .csv works like this; Either Select the jobs you wish and click export Or Select none and export. It will download everything in the tab that is active, including the stuff that might be on page 2,3,4 … Read More

Rules that govern the Price Matrix

The following occurs after you have entered prices initially in the price matrix page. If you leave a price cell empty the client will not be able to order that configuration. If you change/replace any quantity or parameter value the … Read More

Explanation of the Stock Options page

Below are the various elements to Stock Management System. Quantity on Hand =  This is the all important Quantity (QTY). This is also known as QTY on hand or True QTY, or “Amount on shelf”. Admin can adjust this figure at … Read More

Why PDF preview in Firefox browser shows distorted characters

Firefox issue: Starting in Firefox 19, PDF files will display by default in a built-in viewer. This viewer does not yet support all of the features of the Adobe viewer, and may also have some bugs. Other than changing viewers, … Read More

Stripe – why we use it.

We are often asked why we use Stripe as a payment solution. Here is why. Stripe, a San Francisco based company, has a first rate API platform that is very well documented. It’s easy to implement and maintain. It provides PrintJob with a subscription … Read More