Configuring SEO

SEO is available for Public (B2C) storefronts only. What SEO fields are available? You can add SEO data in multiple areas, so to keep it simple, I will list them all. Product category home page. When you are viewing this … Read More

Sending emails via 3rd party

Want to be 100% sure your emails are being delivered? You can now choose to have all the system emails sent via a 3rd party. This could either be your own email provider, your company email server or a 3rd … Read More

Server security, data control & backups explained

The following doc is intended to list working practices at PrintJob and as such, will be constantly reviewed and updated.  Where is PrintJob Data stored? Where is my data stored? PrintJob (PJ) is partnered with cloud hosting company Linode. PrintJob ‘holds’ data on … Read More

Explanation of the Stock Options page

Below are the various elements to Stock Management System. Quantity on Hand =  This is the all important Quantity (QTY). This is also known as QTY on hand or True QTY, or “Amount on shelf”. Admin can adjust this figure at … Read More

Hiding crop marks, bleed etc using a Trim Box

The PJ system is set to respond to ‘Trim Boxes’ Or, more accurately, clients will only see previews of the trim box area and if no trim box then the crop box. If neither have been set then the Media … Read More

Email SPF Records can be confusing.

The most important thing to know is that there can only be one SPF record per domain so if you have more than one you need to join them. Here is what you should do if you are merging 2 … Read More

Adding SPF, DKIM and DMARC records

SPF, DKIM and DMARC are important for verifying the sender address used in emails. When the three methods are used together, the likelihood that the email will be seen by the recipient increases, because these are internationally agreed standards used by most anti spam filters. … Read More

Custom/Urgent Development Requests

We like to hear from everyone about how we can improve the PJ Platform, from simple observations to adding new features. New Ideas PrintJob is open to suggestions and development requests – however they have to fit our strict criteria … Read More


Orders created in PrintJob can be automatically created as invoices in your Xero accounting software. Here is how to set it up. Then activate Xero and click Setup. There are three pages of setup. On the first page follow the instructions. You … Read More

Rules that govern the Price Matrix

The following occurs after you have entered prices initially in the price matrix page. If you leave a price cell empty the client will not be able to order that configuration. If you change/replace any quantity or parameter value the … Read More