There are 4 different approval processes, which admin can choose for any client.

  1. User chooses someone to approve their order from a fixed list of people
  2. User can type the email address of someone (anyone) (can be limited to particular domain eg: email must contain “”)
  3. User doesnt choose, and their order is automatically sent to their department manager or the senior manager for approval
  4. User doesnt choose, by their order is automatically sent to a prearranged group of people for approval. Any one of this group can approve the order.

These settings are located on the Client Account Settings Page> Approval Options (Enterprise Plans only)

Approvers receive an email which invites them to approve. Following the link in the email, will take them, after logging in, to the normal job view page.

Any Client Manager or Department Manager may also be able to approve the order, in addition to nominated approvers. (This solves the problem of jobs stuck in approval forever)

An order is a ‘single basket checkout’ which may comprise multiple jobs. Because the order price and shipping weight and price must be calculated before the order is submitted, the whole order must be approved together.

Rejecting jobs out of an order will recalculate the price and shipping.

If the whole order needs to be rejected, each job will need to be rejected individually.

The order must be approved before it can continue in the order process. That’s done by clicking on the button at the bottom of the job list.

Approving an order is final, and cannot be undone. (though can still be cancelled by Admin)



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