The international anti spam effort is constantly making changes, in an effort to prevent our email mailboxes becoming filled up with rubbish. One of the more recent changes covers the area of  email being sent from a server, which is not the bona fide mailbox holder of that email address.

PrintJob systems send a lot of emails.  They normally come from However, you can have all those emails sent from your address. You can do that on Admin Settings > Emails

In order to ‘authenticate these emails’, to tell the mailboxes of the world that the PrintJob server is allowed to send email from your address, you must adhere to instructions found when you click email authentication in pic above.

Unfortunately PrintJob cannot do this for you, it can only be done by the DNS manager of your domain name.

My client didn’t receive a system email. What can I do?

  1. Check your outgoing email is either the address or if you’re using your own email, check its  fully SPF compliant. If its not please follow the steps above or on the system.
  2. Try resending it. (or triggering it again) An easy test is to send the login reminder email. Image 186
  3.  Try using an alternative email address (like a disposable email address) to check that the email is in fact being sent. Its normally the case that the emails are being sent just fine, but that the recipient mailbox has some issue, like an over zealous spam interceptor. If you think the email is not being sent, please email us at (Checking its being sent is the first thing we will test.)
  4. Once its established that the system is sending emails, ask the intended recipient to check any spam/junk/trash folders they might have. Most email applications will allow users to ‘greenflag’ an email, so that it hits the inbox next time.
  5. If the recipient is on a company email server, such as outlook/exchange, they might need to ask their system administrator to help, or to white list the server.
  6. Finally, if all else fails email us at We keep a log of all emails sent, so we can check whether the email was sent. We need to know as much info as possible about a sample email so that we can locate it and show it was sent. So we need to know who was the recipient, what kind of email it was, and when it was sent, and any order IDs etc.
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