Loading Data onto product templates is covered by another page.

You can load different kinds of data onto Product Fields.

  • User data
  • Department data
  • Address data
  • Alternative data

Whats the ‘Alternative data’?

In some cases you may need to load other kinds of data into fields. For example you can create a data set which gives a user a drop down choice of Casinos on a Flyer. The user chooses between

  • MGM
  • The Sands
  • Caesars Palace
  • Golden Nugget

Depending on the choice, a number of fields could get filled in, such as Manager, Location, License #, Capacity, Safety Officer, Shows, etc

You can create data sets with up to 9 fields (thats 3 more than the Address database). There isn’t a limit to the number of rows you can have.

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