Admins create Products either in the Storefront Products, which are generic products available to all your clients, or in the Products Section in a particular Clients Settings area.


Storefront Products – you can think of these as generic products, which are available to all users/clients. To add/edit/view storefront products goto System Settings>Storefront Products. To hide storefront products for a client, go to that Clients Settings page ‘Content Settings’ and untick the relevant box.

Client Products – available ONLY to users of that client account. To add/edit/view Client products goto Client Settings> Products.

To add a product just click on the button:

Quick notes:

  • The minimum required info to create a product is a product name. Everything else can be added later on. Once created, you can add pricing etc by using the tabs at the top of the edit product page.
  • You can drag and drop products and categories to organise them
  • To place a product inside a category, edit the products and choose the category from the drop down
  • You can hide products while you are building them
  • Once you create a product, you can’t change it to another product type.
  • You don’t need to give a default supplier, you can assign orders to a supplier later on.
  • If you add a PDF to the product, the system will create a Product Image (JPEG) from the first page of the PDF, for your product, only if there isn’t a JPEG there already. Alternatively you can add a JPEG at any time.
  • Make sure you check what the product looks like by logging in as a client
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