SPF, DKIM and DMARC are important for verifying the sender address used in emails. When the three methods are used together, the likelihood that the email will be seen by the recipient increases, because these are internationally agreed standards used by most anti spam filters.

This is what you need to achieve before your email will be used as the sender. 4 green ticks.





The method for adding all three is almost identical – here is an example of adding a DMARC record to a domain name held in a Godaddy Account. The first image shows some instructions provided in the PrintJob System:


Setting up DMARC

Login to Godaddy – navigate to manage domains and click on Manage DNS (here you can add you SPF, DKIM and DMARC records all at once)


Then add a new record


Then select TXT record


Enter values provided by PrintJob

screenshot-dcc.godaddy.com-2019.09.16-09_57_26 (1)

Click save and you are done.

Normally, it will start working after only a short wait, but in some cases you may have to wait up to 24hrs for the change to propagate.

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